Bad black sends a ‘special kumanyoko’ to Kuluthum’s baby daddy Akram Gumisiriza

Ugandan socialite and former commercial s3x worker Shanita Namuyimbwa, also known as Bad Black has gone bare knuckles with late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata’s widow Dr. Kulthum Nabunya’s baby daddy Engineer Akram Gumisiriza. In a viral video making all sorts of rounds on social media clearly shows how Bad Black sent an ice cold SPECIAL KUMANYOKO to Engineer Akram Gumisiriza.

This followed after Enigineer Akram dissed Bad Black on a LIVE interview session something that left her peddling on her feet thus hitting back furiously with a special Kumanyoko to all Ugandan YouTubers, Kuluthum, and Akram inclusive.

This news comes in at the time when Dr. Kuluthum distanced self from the break up rumors with Akram that had excited social media in-laws. This followed after a video clip of Akram shading chicken tears went viral on Tiktok. In an interview with Naster Ug, Dr. Kuluthum revealed that her husband was trying to make a challenge of a song dubbed ‘Please Forgive me’.

Hmm, this raised concern from a couple of social media in-laws who really from day one wanted this relationship to end in tears. However, Dr. Kuluthum confirmed the two are in love and it’s only death that will do them apart. Additionally, she also revealed to Naster Ug that she is not pregnant though her fans want her to swallow the seed by force.

Now, forget that, socialite Bad Black has brutally virtually attacked the couple alleging that Akram planned Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata’s death. She has also roared out loud that Akram is a broke A$$ who wanted to shaft Dr. Kuluthum after she inherited Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata’s wealth.

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