All we know about Andy & Julian rape saga for 50K Ugx

In this generation, many people have resorted to hooking up and dating online but this has really caused a lot of problems to many. In the news going on Ugandan Twitter today, a girl known as Julian has been alleged of selling her sumbie to fellow tweep known as Andy for as low as Ugx 50K.

According to the information in circulation, Andy and Julian have been talking for a while and yesterday these came to a conclusion of meeting.

Basing on our source, these agreed to meet at Andy’s home which is located in Namasuba, along Entebbe road. And yes all was going on well as planned until the girl changed the plan.

Andy says, time came to enjoy the sumbie after he played his role paying her transport, buying her a good meal and all that but the girl couldn’t let him claiming he had no CDs.

According to reports, the Twitter court session this afternoon has ruled in favor of Andy. This is because he didn’t rape Julian. Also, Andy’s lawyers have proven to the Jury beyond reasonable doubt that the girl was broke and wanted to sell off her beans for as low as 50K ugx.

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