Baboon Forest Entertainment to sign Rapper Isma Olaxess

Isma Olaxess aka jajja Iculi is set to be signed by the Baboon Forest Entertainment after his song called “Ndi Mukubi Wa Rap” going viral on social media particularly YouTube.

Isma the blogger and president for Ugandan Bloggers Association (UBA) has proven to be gaining much in his blogging career such as connections to president Yoweri Museveni and more.

Since his song was released, much has been said but Isma says he is a no nosense man and doesn’t at any time care about whatever is being said about his song.

However, through an interview with local journalists, Isma Olaxess said his song was released but never went to studio. He says it’s his fan that did the great work.

He sets himself to being signed by the Baboon Forest Entertainment (BFE) an independent music label,artist management agency, Film and events company founded by Ernest N. Zamba aka GNL Zamba

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