America threatens to cut its $400M annual HIV support to Uganda if she signs the anti- homosexuality bill

As the Ugandan government is looking forward to singing onto the anti-homosexuality bill through her president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, America has warned the country on how she is at risk losing $400M (Ugx 1. 4 trillion) in Washington’s annual support for HIV/ AIDs treatment.

In the anti- homosexuality bill, the Ugandan Parliament sat on conservative days and agreed to pass the bill which states that whoever will be proven gay in the country by the courts of laws, they shall be sentenced for a life time in jail a thing Western countries are against.

America gets to threaten the country on cutting it’s funds in the period Uganda seemes not to care about the funds but rather priotizing it’s norms and culture.

Even when, it has taken a while since the bill was passed, the president is still holding on signing onto it. However, this was expected by Parliament and it is said that if president fails signing onto it, Parliament through it’s powers will.

This comes in the time Western countries are working hand in hand to promote the LGBT in African communities a thing that’s against the continent’s culture and norms. But as of a moment, different African countries have completely burned the act .

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