Woman confesses her love to Levy the late date host on capital FM

A woman who says she’s Sandra yesterday surprised The Late Date host Levy 256 when she confessed her love to him. The Late Date is a program that runs on 93.3 Capital FM every Monday to Friday from 19:00-00:00.

Like always she called like any others radio listeners but as she went on, Sandra told Levy she had a confession and yes she was granted time to go on. Shockingly, this lady confessed her love and this was not going to anyone else but Levi himself.

This put him in shock however, he tried understanding her, thanked her for the brave step on that saying it was okay crashing on him but woman persisted and said she is in real love with him and all she would wish is him being her lover.

Levy who tried explaining on how he is not available didn’t stop change a thing because Sandra said she doesn’t care all he wants is him being her love.

She on that said she has all that Levy would like such money, love and more. After her confession, its now Levi to decide on what to do next . But according to his response to this woman, he shown no interest in her confession. You can check out The Late Date on Capital FM Facebook Page for more updates.

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