Why Ykee Benda Cheated on his Ex-girlfriend Julie Batenga

Mpaka Records founder singer Wycliffe Tugume, best known by stage name Ykee Benda has officially revealed the main reason why he his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Julie Batenga ended in premium tears.

Ykee and Julie dated for five years and had a son who they named Dante during that time. However, just like any other unstable relationship, shortly after the birth of their baby son Dante, the two decided to make their relationship history. Additionally, this seemed to be a joke but it ended up as a real story and left many their relationship did not work out.

Ykee Benda has been vocal about his struggles with his baby mama, claiming that she denied him access to their son for some years. Despite his frustrations, he has chosen not to pursue legal actions against her, emphasizing that she is the mother of his child, and he wishes to avoid any animosity.

The singer went on to admit that he doesn’t regret certain aspects of their relationship, particularly his infidelity. He revealed that he cheated on Julie as a way to hurt her because their relationship lacked love, despite their attempts to make it work.

According to Ykee Benda, he reveals that he knew straight away that his relationship with Julie would not last long. Therefore, he immediately started looking for other options because he wanted to settle and raise his son.

“It was five years of no love, and the truth is I was in a relationship before she left. I’m not guilty about it,” Mpaka Records CEO said.

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