TikToker Birungi Samantha health worsens as she loses weight

Uganda tiktoker and Internet personality who featured in the MTN Advert Birungi Samantha is trending again on social media. This all happens after she made an appearance online for her amazing followers but her looks didn’t impress them. According to social media in-laws, they believe Samantha’s health keeps on deteriorating. This therefore has made them get worried about her because she even lost a lot of weight.

Birungi rose to fame with the help of a social media application dubbed TikTok a few years ago. She created content of herself in different characters for example lip sync videos of motivational and inspirational videos of relationships in the pearl of Africa. Additionally, she attracted a couple followers which helped her to grow her account to about 200,000 followers.

The troubled social media influencer was born in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. According to a credible family source, it revealed to Naster Ug that this is where she grew up with her family.

The now faded content creator Birungi Samantha has been involved in a couple of controversies for example theft and fraud. Many people on social media accused her of stealing their property something that saw many reject and discriminate her on many social media applications.

This therefore put her into depression for some good months but thanks to her good friends in the field of content creation. These really tried their level best to give her company and counselling in this hard time she was facing. A close source alleges that she was bewitched while other reports allege that she was infected with HIV/AIDS and she has deliberately to swallow her medicine.

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