Stop exposing your your past Isma Olaxess to Suzan Makula

Lately, a clip of Suzan Makula pastor Bugingo‘s wife of Cananan Land spilling beans about her ex’s surfaced on the internet but this left many with questions like why should she disclose her past life and yet she is married. Among these is Isma Olaxess aka jajja Iculi who through his Facebook live said this leaves her with no dignity .

Isma says that after one getting married, there are stories that have to be kept confidential until death. According to him, some unveiled past stories make one look unworthy.

He says this after Makula appearing in the viral clip, disclosing about her ex’s including a 52 sugar daddy she claims dating while she was 28, a lawyer who asked to help her in her on going cases in court and more.

Jajja says Suzan Makula shouldn’t be a kind of woman disclosing her past in the name of making everyone believe she’s too good for life. He says instead of her proving points to the haters trying to expose her including Bean of the Bizonto comedians, she should instead get pregnant for the pastor and make them silent.

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