Shocking! – Why Faridah Nakazibwe Left NTV Uganda

A million of Ugandans still can’t believe it that Faridah Nakazibwe has quit NTV Uganda. In fact as we speak right about now, even you who is reading this article, we are pretty sure you are thinking that we are just looking for views but guess what, this is the whole truth.

Enough of the talk, a rumor went viral this Monday morning that the 39-year-old bade farewell to some of her co-workers last weekend and that her very last ‘Mwasuze Mutya’ show was on Friday September 27th.

However, there was and there is still no proof from either Faridah or the Serena Hotel based TV station about this rumor. Hmm, according to Naster Ug credible news sources, it is 100% confirmed that Bruno K’s close friend has left the station.

A quick one, Nakazibwe joined NTV back in 2006 from the now-defunct WBS TV, where she was a field reporter and news anchor.

She’s since risen to become a household name as the anchor of the evening ‘Akawungeezi news’ and the morning show ‘Mwasuze Mutya.’

Mid-last month, Nakazibwe graduated with a master’s degree in Business Administration from Victoria University, where she announced that she had “other career aspirations” in mind.

Rumor has it that she left NTV after she landed a juicy job opportunity elsewhere with a fat salary. From the Naster Ug news team, Congratulations Naka, and all the best in your new journey.

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