Producer Didi – Eddy Kenzo has never helped me

A few months ago producer Didi real name Karim Muchwa come out into media and requested for financial help with claims that his studio equipment including cameras, and more where confiscated by government in 2014 after he produced ‘Panadol Wa Basajja” and never were they returned .

While in an interview with local TV, he revealed on how
Kenzo has never helped him as he claimed in one of the interviews earlier.

Edrisa Musuza aka Eddy Kenzo was one of the individuals Didi cried for, for help. According to him, he did so because it’s him he mostly worked with and released many of his songs in 2010 such as ‘Stamina’, ‘Coco Finger’ , ‘Emikono Wagulu’, and more that where hit bangers for both of them then.

Faded producer said this after Kenzo come out and revealed on how he tried helping him but couldn’t complete his brothers. He says the “Sitya Loss” singer has never helped him as he claimed.

However, people have argued him to kindly collect himself back on his foot because no one is entitled helping him. And that he shouldn’t presume it’s Kenzo to help him because that’s not his duty.

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