Pastor Andrew Jengo hasn’t eaten LEG, Girlfriend Fifi

Pastor Andrew Jengo’s girlfriend Fiona Kyomugisha aka Fifi has opened up about her relationship with him. According to FiFi, she revealed to Naster Ug that they have dated for over 5 years and guess what, she has never served leg to Pastor Andrew Jengo. Additionally, she was shocked to hear that Jengo was a son to late pastor Augustine Yiga, who was a senior city pastor.

“I met Andrew before he became pastor. Additionally, I had no idea that he was a pastor’s son and for sure, he didn’t reveal to me anything to me regarding that. However, I got to know about it when he spoke about the death rumor of his father that had trended before his death. Hmm, I loved him so much, but it was troublesome for me because I couldn’t see myself becoming a pastor’s wife,” she admitted. “I personally was not very religious, did not even know how to pray, but with time, he helped me adjust.” Fifi said.

Fifi also revealed to Naster Ug that she will love Pastor Andrew Jengo until death does them apart. Therefore she has asked him to never listen to any rumors because he is all she has in her life to love at the moment. She manages a charity ministry in the church, dedicated to helping disabled children.

Fiona disclosed that her education suffered due to her relationship with Jengo. “I dropped out of school, and he had a hand in this. We were both young and telling lies to each other, so I dropped out, and he also dropped out,” she revealed.

Currently living together, Fiona emphasized that they have abstained from intimacy and plan to continue doing so until after their wedding, scheduled for November next year.

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