Naira Ali drops Love Yekitto Brand New Song 2023

USA based famous Ugandan musician and performer Nabattu Naira Ali has released a brand new song dubbed Love Yekitto to wrap up 2023. The singer dropped an audio teaser on her official social media platforms to alert her amazing Ugandan fans about her upcoming project. Love Yekitto is a Luganda word that means childish love in the English Language.

“This Monday we going down memory lane , biki #Love Yekito byeyakukozesa?,” Naira Ali posted.

Many people make mistakes while in their early stages of trying out relationships. However, as time goes by, people learn from their mistakes and put things right before making their final decisions.

Naira Ali revealed to Naster Ug that it has been a while since she made her fans put on their dancing shoes, however, she is back to quench their music thirst. Naira has been on top since she had a breakthrough song and vowed never to look back. This is because she has a huge fanbase here in Uganda and in the diaspora, therefore, she never wants to lose her amazing fans. Additionally, her fans have always supported her music career through streaming her music across all music streaming platforms.

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