Omutume Planet excited after ‘Chai Wejaaye’ remix by Kato Lubwama

After Omutume Planet releasing his hit single ‘Chai Wejaaye‘ that is currently still banging around towns and villages in the country, he feels so proud that Kato Lubwama re-made it.

Planet said this while in an interview with local journalists and revealed that Kato Lubwama redoing his song was a great sign he is doing good and putting music in line.

He said that a while ago they have been criticized by most people especially artistes that have been in the music industry for a long time with sayings that they have been drowning the industry with claims that it’s nothing they are adding on the industry but rather release bubble gum music.

But after Kato Lubwama redoing his song, he says this has been a great success to him .

“We used to redo songs for those that came first in the industry ,but if currently it’s them redoing our songs, that empowers us .It means we have started putting music in line.” Omutume Planet said.

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