King Deyonce Uganda, I don’t believe in God & Religions

United States of America based Ugandan-born socialite Napeshirah Mimi popularly known as Mimi De Boss Chic’s sister King Deyonce Uganda has revealed shocking news that she doesn’t believe in God and religions. Additionally, she noted that she believes in herself and she doesn’t also belong to any religions.

A few months ago, King Deyonce carried out a plastic surgery where she wanted to transform from being a female to a male. This news update from the upcoming socialite shocked very many Ugandans at that time and everyone who was once her friend was left in suspense mode. Deyonce defended herself revealing that she never regrets taking such a bold decision because she has a right over her body.

The 31-year-old has already started showing true signs of a real man as she has developed beards and a deep lion-like voice. Additionally, she hates people who still call a woman because she believes she has all what it takes to be called a man.

“I decided to take this decision because I make rules for my own life. I admired being a man since my childhood and I am very happy that now I can afford this surgery. All people should also stop calling me a woman because I am already married to a very beautiful wife. My wife will soon give birth to my first child with her and also I don’t care what really people say. Finally, I don’t believe in God and religions simply because I make my own decisions,” King Deyonce said.

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