Jon Zherka vs HStikkytokky fight trending video 2023

Youtuber and content creator Jon Zherka has been involved in a street fight with an internet celebrity HStikkytokky. Additionally Jon Zherka is a well-known Twitch streamer and content creator on YouTube, and Twitch.

Harrison Sullivan popularly known as HStikkytokky is a digital British influencer on TikTok, and Instagram.

Jon Zherka is a well-known Twitch streamer and content creator on different social net works. He is best known for the videos he streams on his Twitch account. According to his followers, he often features female Twitch stars on his streams. Additionally, Jon engages with thousands of fans and followers on his accounts.

Hstikkytokky is 22-years-old. He made 22 on 6th October 2023, therefore, this means his date of birth is 6th October 2001.

According to what he always says in his TikTok videos, it’s believed he was born and raised in Essex, London, but, aside from what we know from his social media, there isn’t much information out there about his family or personal life.

Away from that, the fight video between Jon Zherka vs HStikkytokky is trending already on all the social media platforms.

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