Green Day Epic New Year’s Eve Performance: Lyrics Target Trump

American rock band Green Day is trending right about now on different social media platforms for some reasons you very well know by the time I am publishing this article. The rock band’s front man Billie Joe Armstrong changed the lyrics to American Idiot to sing “I am not a part of the MAGA agenda” during the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve performance.

This kind of statement has caused mixed reactions on across all social media platforms in the world. However, all this happened when Green Day specifically made a point to avoid making any political music as of late. According to the rock band, they revealed to Naster Ug that it takes those special inspired moments to write songs in that line.

“Political songs, it takes a lot of heart to do that, and I think if you keep doing it for the sake of doing it just because you’re angry, then you take the heart out of it,” Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong said.

What do you make of Green Day’s Epic New Year’s Eve Performance? You can leave a comment for us in the comment section below as we reply to all comments on our website.

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