Fake fans throw bottles at Ray G at Enkuuka 2023 performance

Western Uganda’s popular singer Reagan Muhairwe popularly known as Ray G was pelted at with bottles during his stage performance at Enkuuka Tobongoota 2023 in Mengo Palace. This follows after the singer clashed with Swangz Avenue’s artist Azawi in Mbarara recently.

In a recent statement released by Azawi through her official socials, she labeled Ray G a disrespectful artist and someone looking for relevancy.

“I tried to avoid a pointless argument started by a disrespectful artist. Your interruption during my performance, along with verbal abuse, and now using this for attention, deserves an apology from you. As an artist, I don’t control event schedules. When my music is playing and the promoter hands me the mic and the stage, I perform. Your attempt to disrupt my set was unprofessional.

I have realized that this is a recurring trick you play in Mbarara, undermining fellow artists. My commitment to my craft and the respect of my audience is of utmost importance; I will not allow anyone to diminish that. Unfortunately, you have resorted to exploiting tribal/regional sentiments for publicity.

To my Mbarara fans, I promise to honor your expectations always. Every performance will be genuine, unaffected by any self-centered, opportunistic actions from other artists or politicians. My loyalty lies with my music and genuine interaction with my fans, not with those who use publicity stunts for personal gain,” Azawi posted.

Now with all that said, Azawi die hard fans and other fans from the central region took it personal and vowed never to allow Ray G to have any Live stage performance in the region. These therefore started right away at Enkuuka where they cut short the singer’s performance with the help of empty water bottles.

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