Eddy kenzo & Chris Banina clash over Carol Nantongo’s Waters

News coming in right about now alleges that UNMF president singer Edrisah Musuuza, popularly known by stage name Eddy Kenzo is having a chicken kind of fight with Chris Banina. According to a very close to Chris, the he is on the verge of leaving the musicians federation after he clashed with Kenzo over female artist Carol Nantongo’s healthy waters.

A few hours ago, we ran a story whereby singer Lydia Jazmine unfollowed Carol Nantongo on almost the same issues of a big BANANA. However, no male artist was confirmed to ne the victim in this sort of scenario but social media in-laws pointed their fingers to Eddy Kenzo.

There are a lot of silent wars at the premises of the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF), that we think will lead to it’s collapse. From the very start, social media in-laws always predicted a very bitter ending to this newly formed Musicians Federation whose main purpose was to United all musicians in the country.

According to reports, Chris Banina and Carol have been having a hidden relationship whereby they both promised each other heaven on earth. However, the story seems to have changed now because Chris has blocked Carol without any fears.

Singer Jose Chameleone has also reportedly quit the federation something that has surprised many because he has been a huge pillar there.

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