Bruno K ready to have a DNA test with alleged son Seth

Troubled singer Kiggundu bruno aka Bruno K has roared out loud that he is more than ready for a DNA test with alleged son Seth. Things have not been good on singer Bruno K since one of the tweeps decided to spill beans on Twitter about his past life with his by then best friend known as Vanessa who in the secrets is said to be Bruno’s baby mama.

All the scandal came about after he was trying to fight for his alleged best friend and known TV personality Faridah Nakazibwe who was attacked by comedian Bugingo Hannington on matters concerning the LGBT a few days ago.

Since then, alot has been revealed about the two as a tweet stated that Bruno is an irresponsible father who dumped his best friend after getting her pregnant on that abandoning his son.

But good news is, Bruno has not denied about being a father to a baby boy said to be Seth Kiggundu, however he has requested to have a DNA test with him to have the matter drawn to conclusion.

Still on on the matter, families from both sides have intervened to get the matter settled but according to Vanessa’s mother who is said to have been naturing the baby says she is sure Bruno is the father to the boy but she agrees the DNA test be done if it’s all needed to fully settle the matter.

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