Arthur Kayima – Uganda should protect gay people

Famous Tiktoker Arthur Kayima through a video that is making rounds on social media while on the streets of London, protested against Uganda government not protecting the gay society in the country.

According to the video, he says Uganda is a beautiful country with wonderful people, good soils and nature but has completely failed to protect the gay society and yet they need to be protected by her.

He takes to this step after the Uganda Parliament agreeing to the homosexuality bill that was passed lately and only left to be signed on by the president.

In the bill, it is said that whoever will be taken to court and proven to be gay / lesbian, will be sentenced for a life time in jail since Uganda and all it’s societies don’t believe in the act.

Arthur Kayima does the protest in England one of the countries that protects the gay society at all costs. In the same way he has proven to a few people especially his followers on Tiktok and Facebook that still doubted he is not one of them.

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