Alien Skin & Champion Gudo set new record after Sitya Danger Concert success at Freedom City

Ghetto superstar Mulwana Patrick aka Alien Skin alongside his bodyguard Champion Gudo have set a new record after thousands turned up for his Sitya Danger Concert at Freedom City. The Sitya Danger singer left Freedom City asking for both water and Oxygen as he filled up the place to full capacity.

He now becomes the first Ugandan artist to have a mega Michael Jackson like successful event without running any Television and Radio adverts. Additionally, he announced his concert when only four days were remaining for the show to happen of which he was competing with a well established artist Pallaso who had already run adverts for his show in the last four months.

Freedom City filled up by 3pm, and gates were officially closed. However, Alien Skin’s fans were too many as they managed to break the gate and forced themselves into the Sitya Danger Concert venue hall. According to social media in-laws, this is the best show they have witnessed in the last 20 years.

Alien Skin hails from the Muganda tribe and was born and raised in Kansanga, Kampala, which has ancient origins from the Kingdom of Buganda. He gained popularity after his music, including two singles, “Towakana” and “Tulabise (Embozi Yo Etambuza Enkola),” went viral.

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