Teacher Senfuma (Ssenfuma) John Biography, Age & Job

Naster Ug has decided to bring you a little info about teacher Senfuma John, a teacher at Hill Side College School in Mityana. Well, honestly speaking, not much has been revealed about the troubled teacher but all we know is that Senfuma has been arrested by Police following the saga with his female student.

A quick recap, Mr. Ssenfuma or Senfuma John was caught red handed by the girl’s parents inside the house at Kyebando Erisa Zone in Kawempe Division, Kampala District. According the a Police statement, he sneaked into the female student’s room since they had made an arrangement earlier on to meet there. However, he had a very bad day at office just like any other person and things did not go his way, thus ending up behind bars.

How Old is Teacher Senfuma John?

According to a Police statement, John is 40 years old though in a video trending on social media, he revealed that he is 38 years old.

What is Ssenfuma John’s Job?

Earlier on in this article, we revealed to you that Senfuma John is a professional teacher at Hill Side College School in Mityana.

Does Senfuma have a family?

Well, he is a married man and it so surprising that he went cheating on his wife with a student something that has left very many people in a shock. We are yet to know more about his children but all we know is that he is married.

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