Social media reacts to sick Champion Ogudo Gudo swollen Face

Champion Ogudo Gudo Latest Health Update as Strange disease makes his face swollen thus causing mixed reactions on social media. Social media users and Fangone Forest die hard fans are super worried after learning about the deteriorating health of Alien Skin’s top security guard Champion Ogudo.

Fangone Forest Entertainment boss Alien Skin made the announcement in regards to the health of his head of security on his official socials. However, the singer did not reveal what exactly led to the swelling of Ogudo’s face though many Fangone soldiers claim that he was bewitched.

According to Champion Gudo, he revealed to Naster Ug that he is feeling much better now however, he asked his fans to continue praying for him. Additionally, there are rumors suggesting a possible kidney problem based on various symptoms.

The photos shared on social media clearly show how Ogudo’s face lost it’s normal shape and this left many of his fans wondering about the kind of sickness the young man is battling.

“I just found myself in this kind of situation. My face started swelling from no where and I started to feel to much pain around my eyes. My brother and Alien Skin have done their best to make sure that I am okay, however, I still feel pain. Many Fangone soldiers allege that I was bewitched because I have done all medical check-ups and doctors can’t find a thing,” Champion Ogudo Gudo said.

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