Social media reacts to Risen Kush Trending Video! Shocking Details Revealed

Forget about Dr. Cephco, there is a new trend on social media right about now and guess what, it is for none other than dancer Ajiswag Nabukenya’s boyfriend dubbed Risen Kush.

For starters, Risen Kush is a TikToker and social media influencer who has made it from scratch to the top. Additionally, he is one of the popular Ugandan TikTokers who have never ever been involved in such insane trends, however, it is not going to plan for him this time around.

According to reports, about three videos are being shared in different WhatsApp groups alleging how Kush was danced in one of the clips like crazy using Harry Magure’s playing role at Manchester United.

Sorry about me not being so direct but I hope you have understood what I am talking about. Hmm, Due to community guidelines, I may not be so direct but I am pretty sure you know Maguire plays as a center back.

Social media in-laws have reacted to the clips and many don’t have any kind words for the troubled TikToker. Additionally, some of his fellow TikTokers have distanced themselves from the weird trending video while a few have defended him revealing to Naster Ug that its not him in the videos.

Well, we are keeping a keen eye on this one since it’s still a developing story.

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