Social media reactions to Senna Elaina trending Twitter video

Social media users have dropped in their reactions following a video of a Tiktok star identified as Senna Elaina that is circulating across different social media platforms. According to a Naster Ug credible news source, there are a lot questions why Senna Elaina would trend on social media without a very clear reason.

Many YouTube content creators have made hundreds of videos to milk the situation surrounding this famous Tiktoker and content creator. Additionally, not much is revealed out of all the videos making all rounds across all these popular social media platforms.

Naster Ug has reached out to Senna Elaina to speak about the trending clip, however, we have completely failed tp reach her since her phones are all switched off. The only we give out to you who is reading this very article is stick to this website for the latest updates because this is still a developing story.

Social media users have reacted to the clip alleging that its not Senna Elaina in the trending video. According to her die hard followers, they distanced themselves from the clip noting that she can not use such a marketing strategy to let her brand out to the general public.

Do you think the Senna Elaina trending video is a complete HOAX? Kindly leave a comment in the comment section because we respond to all comments on our website.

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