Social media reactions to Azawi & Ray G chicken fight on stage

Ugandan singer, songwriter and dancer Priscilla Zawedde popularly known by stage name Azawi almost had a fight with singer and songwriter Reagan Muhairwe, popularly known by stage name Ray G. Social media users across the country have dumped in their mixed reactions towards the trending video clearly showing how the two artists wanted to exchange punches over a small micro-phone.

Naster Ug news team has tried to analyze the clip trending on different socials and also we tried to reach out to eye witnesses to collect clear evidence of what transpired between the two artists. According to an eye witness, we have been informed that Ray G was supposed to perform before Swangz Avenue’s singer Azawi.

The event MC made the official announcement that Ray G should step on stage and entertain the crowd. Hmm, however, Azawi forcefully grabbed the microphone and took over the stage before Ray made his performance. The Ringaaniza singer tried to tell Azawi that it was his time to perform but Swangz Avenue’s artist put a deaf ear and instead barked at Ray to step off stage.

To make matters worse, when Azawi asked the crowd whether she should perform, the crowd immediately shouted NO. This still did not stop Azawi from proceeding with her performance.

Social media users have now attacked the Party Mood singer alleging that she did not have any respect for her fellow artist. Additionally, they have asked her record label Swangz Avenue to serve her a reasonable punishment and above all, apologize to Ray.

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