Sandra Lian, I’m not in a relationship with Crysto Panda

NBS Television presenter and media personality Sandra Lian has distanced herself from having a relationship with NTV‘s Crysto Panda. Social media in-laws allegedly confirmed that Sandra Lian was having a hidden relation with the Mukisenge singer. However, none of the accused had ever come out to speak about the trending false rumors until this week when Sandra Lian trashed the fake online relationship

According to Sandra Lian, she revealed to Naster Ug that Crysto is just her good friend and there is totally nothing more than that. Additionally, she laughed out loud at all negative social media in-laws who think they will stop her from landing her dream man by creating unnecessary fake relationships she is not in.

“We are just friends, and we have never been in a relationship with Crysto Panda. Those rumors that have been spreading are untrue,” she said in an interview with Naster Ug.

Should we say that Sandra Lian is single and searching? This is because the Sanyuka TV presenter of the Kigula Lujji and Uncut show is surely a hottie and always displays her goodies online. Kampala City’s rich men are always in her inbox trying out their luck but she immediately blocks them to protect her young career and focus on developmental matters.

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