Rango Teng Tenge Biography, Age, Family, & Education

Rango Teng Tenge Biography – This has come to our concern that our news readers are in need of the complete biography of popular Ugandan Tiktok king Rango Tenge Tenge. The social media content creator caught the attention of many internet users across the world recently after many of his videos blew up the internet making him the most famous and followed Ugandan Tiktoker ever according to credible news sources.

Tenge Tenge did not start recording videos or shooting content this year, however, the 11-year-old content creator started uploading content on various socials in 2018. Additionally, he always believed in himself and kept on improving on the quality of his videos something that has made him look so unique.

The famous Tiktoker Rango Tenge Tenge focuses most on content that consists of dance moves, lip sync, and comedy. This kind of awesome content has garnered the tiktoker millions of views and followers across the world and surely many have crowned him the internet king.

How Old is Rango Tenge Tenge?

Tenge Tenge is 11 years old, therefore this means he was born in 2013 and he developed passion for creating content in 2018. Additionally, his breakthrough has come in recent months probably in 2024 where many people have gained interest in watching his content online.

Rango goes to school because he believes education is the key to success and he has revealed to Naster Ug that he wants to become a pilot. Additionally, he speaks many languages for example English, Luganda, Lusoga, French, etc but he prefers to speak English most as compared to others.

According to our close source, Rango Tenge Tenge didn’t want to reveal much information about his father and mother. However, he promised to give us one more interview and believe us we shall come back here and update this piece.

What Does Tenge Tenge mean?

When you look around the different search engines, you realize many people search for the meaning of Tenge. Well, in our local language Luganda, Tenge means an action of cheering up a young kid who is about to walk. As we wrap up this, Rango Tenge Tenge has a following of about 2 Million followers on TikTok and over 380,000 followers on Instagram.

Not much is revealed about his Net worth but according to an inside source, we are told that Tenge’s Net worth is about 70 Millions Uganda Shillings at the moment.

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