Juma Wasswa Balunywa JWB Biography, Education, Age & Family

Juma Wasswa Balunywa JWB? Many internet users more so social media users are super in a dilema about who the real Juma Wasswa Balunywa is. Well, in this well written article, we reveal to you the whole truth about Juma’s biography, age, family and Education status.

Juma Wasswa Balunywa was born in 2002 in Kasolo Village, Bulamagi County in Iganga District, meaning he is 22 years old. Additionally he is a son to Prof. Wasswa Balunywa, the former Academic registrar, principal of Makerere University Business School (MUBS) . Wasswa is a Ugandan and a Musoga by tribe, however many people have been confusing him with his official campaign manager.

Juma revealed to Naster Ug that he wants to follow the amazing footsteps of his father and he assured us that he will win the upcoming elections. Wasswa also noted that he is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Business Computing at Makerere University Business School.

Wasswa Balunywa Net Worth

According to credible news Balunywa’s net worth is not yet revealed however, we have been told by an inside source that he is worth 100 Million Uganda Shillings though we yet to confirm this.

Wasswa is single and not searching at the moment since he only focused on his Education and his leadership journey. This therefore means he is not ready for any relationship at the moment. Juma Wasswa has been a leader since his childhood as he was the head prefect at both primary and secondary school level.

An inside source also noted that he is the 26th Makerere University Business School (MUBS) Guid Chief Fresher. According to Enrico Truth, his campaign manager, he revealed to Naster Ug that all the students at MUBS have vowed to vote for Juma Wasswa Balunywa JWB in the coming guild elections.

Juma Wasswa is contesting for guild presidency position under Uganda Youth Democrats (UYD) political party racing with other 3 candidates for example Steward Chopre, Kawuma Brian Douglas, and Moses Amanya. Additionally, he revealed that he is the mastermind behind the campaign song sound that is trending across all the different social media platforms.

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