I drive a Range Rover – Hellen Lukoma to haters

Hellen Lukoma an actress, model, fashion designer and singer well known for her roles as Patra on The Hostel has sarcastically through an interview with local journalists revealed on how she drives a Range Rover.

She says that for those working hard to have a fancy life like that she got, should keep working harder so they find her there. She revealed that she’s more than comfortable in the life she’s living.

The “Nja Kufumba” singer said she eats, drinks, sleeps and give birth so she has nothing to worry about, so those talking endless about her life should continue.

She also revealed on how her music pays all her bills. About failing her bar, Lukoma said she never as people allege but stop it because she couldn’t manage it due to Covid 19 outbreak .

Hellen Lukoma started her singing career in 2005 where she competed and was joined to form the Girl Band Obsessions where she started her music career in the Band.

She started her acting career in 2011 after the disintegration of Obsessions band with her debut role in Yogera which was produced and premiered in 2022 and directed by Donnald Mugisha. She would go on to be cast in Honorables as Felicia in 2015 Situka as Amanio with star Bobi Wine.

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