I am the most insulted artiste – Jackie Chandiru

Jackie Chandiru know by her song ‘Wotuse’ has through an interview with local journalists revealed on how she is the most insulted artiste.

She says ever since she got into the hardest time of her life battling with the addiction people claim to be of cannabis a thing she denies, people through media have since then taken it of advantage bullying and insulting her.

But she says she is not going to explain to anyone who thinks that one can only get addicted to cannabis. She said addiction is of different things including phones and more but people mistake it to drugs and cannabis.

“Say fans of other artistes, they insult me a lot, am one of the most insulted people, am cyber bullied than cyber insulted day and night,” Jackie Chandiru said.

Jackie says regardless of what people say about her she gat the scars that remind her she is a winner after battling the addiction that almost took her life a few years ago.

She on that thanked God , her family and family that stood besides her in that trying moment.

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