Did Kataleya and Kandle Split? Whole Truth

Theron Music and Uganda’s finest female singing duo Kataleya and Kandle are on the verge of splitting due to so many factors we are about to reveal to you in this article. The news of the end to the singing duo was broken by faded journalist Kawalya Isaac Kays through his official social media platforms.

Did Kataleya and Kandle Split? Here are some of the the facts you need to know

  • The two girls have a ten year running contract with Theron music who has invested millions in the singing duo and are yet to make three years.
  • They were suspended according to company policy due to indiscipline BUT the group is Not disbanded.
  • Well calculated falsehoods are being shared in media intended to arm twist the label to let them off the contract, a thing the company is not about to do.

According to Naster Ug credible news sources, this could all be a stunt because the duo Kataleya and Kandle are pushing their music album. Additionally, there could be a possibility that their management paid the former NBS TV presenter to play this kind of role and we believe he has the job well to attract attention from both Mainstream media and social media platforms.

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