Continue shafting men, you shall contract HIV/AIDs, Tamale Mirundi Junior warns Kampala girls

Tamale Mirundi Junior son to NRM veteran Tamale Mirundi Senior has through a video precautioned Kampala girls/ women to stop detoothing men saying if they don’t, they shall die taking pills.

He says this after famous Kampala socialite Faith also ex to MC Kats a media personality appearing in news a few days ago with a faded body claiming that she contracted HIV from him.

Tamale Mirundi Junior says no one should blame Kats on the matter because he revealed he was infected with the virus to the public earlier but because Kampala women want quick money and fame they risk their lives for a short time excitement.

Through experience, he says he has seen girls in bars get too excited seeing celebrities and rich men whose health they don’t know but make a big step making love with them on spot without protection and after contracting diseases come out to the public to get sympathy.

He says people won’t sympathize anymore because these get themselves into the situation knowingly. He added that youths should know people are sick and before engaging in a relationship they should go for a check up first.

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