Carol Nantongo Quits Kenzo’s Uganda Musicians Federation

Shocking! Uganda’s popular female recording artist Carol Nantongo has reportedly quit Eddy Kenzo’s Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF). This follows after the singer was involved in a chicken clash with fellow female artist Lydia Jazmine at the premises of UNMF.

According to Naster Ug credible news sources, the singer has vowed never to return to the offices of UNMF and therefore, she has decided to focus on booming her music career. This kind of news update has shocked many of her fans because they all thought she would be Eddy Kenzo‘s wife in the near future.

We ran a story a few days ago about Lydia Jazime having a silent war with singer Carol Nantongo over Eddy Kenzo’s banana but social media in-laws did not believe us. However, reports coming in confirm that Nantongo has left the premises of UNMF with immediate effect.

An inside source revealed to Naster Ug that she has even changed her phone numbers and ready to release new music.

“Carol has left the federation because of the saga she had with Lydia Jazmine. She says that she will now move all her efforts to improve her music career,” an inside source revealed.

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