All we Know about Biswanka & Black Panther Relationship

Ugandan singer and Song Writer Biswanka Derrick, popularly known by stage name Biswanka is the talk of the day on social media. This all follows after a clip of him and social media influencer Black Panther Africa circulated all over the internet clearly showing both of them close to each other at zero distance.

This video called for mixed reactions from their fans across all social media platforms since they don’t want their singer to mess up at his early stages into this challenging music industry. Additionally, many Biswanka die hard fans had a word with Naster Ug and revealed that women or slay queens have led to the downfall of very many young artists.

Is Biswanka in a relationship with Black Panther Africa?

Well, not much has been revealed yet about the trending video making all sorts of rounds on social media. However, we understand different artists and content creators are willing to do anything that can attract attention from fans to stay relevant. This therefore means that there is a possibility that the Ontunulemu singer and Black Panther were seeking for attention and likes.

Naster Ug news team is doing all they can to reach out to the singer to open up about the relationship rumor. Fangone Forest foot soldiers were happy with the decision Alien made to fall out with Biswanka because they would be blaming him now for letting the young singer’s talent drown just because of love.

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